Wintertime is Here (Winter)

I Can See a Rainbow (Spring)

Now the Weather is Warm (Summer)

Summer Song (Summer)

All The Leaves Are Falling Down (Autumn/Fall)

Fall Song (Autumn/Fall)

Winter Song (Winter)

Spring Song (Spring)

What's the Weather Like Today?

How's the Weather?

How's the Weather Today?

What is the Weather Like Outside Today?

I Am Happy

Are you Happy? ...

How Are They Feeling Now?

The Feelings Song

Happy, Sad, Scared, Mad

Learn Feelings and Emotions

Fast and Slow

Fast and Slow

Near and Far

Up, Down

Stand Up, Sit Down

Opposites: Big, Big, Big. Small, Small, Small.

Learn Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Big,Bigger, Biggest. Small, Smaller, Smallest

Halloween Animal Walk Song with Matt

Wild Animal Names Song with Matt

At the Zoo with Matt

At the Zoo with Steve and Maggie

My toungue was really much longer and bigger than this. (+Toys)

Animals on Safari

Racing throught a Wild Animal Safari

Animal Party at Steve and Maggie's House

An Airplane goes Whoosh

Ring, ring, ring the bicycle

You can drive a ...

How do you Like to Go?

Vehicles Alphabet Phonics

We can Travel on Road by ...

Learn Bus, Plane, Train, Car, Truck

Learn Vehicles

Let's Be Planes

Transport Song

Story: Peppa Pig goes Shopping

What's in Your Town?

Introduction of my Town

Where are you going? (Matt)

Where are you Going Today?

Where are you Going?